Lois King

PhD Candidate at the University of Edinburgh and Associate Consultant at Impact for Health International

Ongoing Work

Projects I am working on and topic areas I am interested in.

PhD Thesis

My PhD is titled "Governance of childhood pneumonia: assessing the effect of global narratives on national priorities and implementation in Bangladesh". 

I am using a mixed methods approach to observe how global health actors perceive pneumonia’s political prioritisation in the context of social theories of prioritisation and neglect. This will be contrasted with the national reality of pneumonia control in Bangladesh’s health system to draw comparisons on the relationship between these global narratives and the national empirical reality.

I am answering three main research questions:

1. How is childhood pneumonia perceived among global health actors? 

2.  How do Bangladesh's policies enable childhood pneumonia to be addressed within its health system?

3. What are the health financing mechanisms for childhood pneumonia in Bangladesh?

These findings will be combined to see how the global narratives and national implementation interact and what lessons can be learned from Bangladesh's context. 
Overview of my research framework

Associate at Impact for Health International

I have experience working with various clients such as Ipas, Population Council, USAID and the World Health Organization. I have gained knowledge in market systems analysis, family planning and safe abortion practices. This work involves technical analysis via literature review, key informant interviews and strategic facilitation through co-creating sessions. Find out more about our work here.

Global Health Teaching

I am a visiting lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as well as the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. I have taught on topics such as decolonising global health, global health politics and the effectiveness of aid and overseas development funding in global health. Do get in touch as I am open to requests.

Engagement of the Private Health Sector

I undertook research commissioned by the World Health Organization to provide illustrative case studies of effective private sector engagement strategies in health systems.  This contribution was part of a wider report on the private sector landscape in mixed health systems.

Decolonizing Global Health

An ongoing interest of mine is decolonizing global health. This is best described by Mishal Khan and colleagues (2021) as "a movement that fights against ingrained systems of dominance and power in the work to improve the health of populations, whether this occurs between countries (including between previously colonising and plundered nations) and within countries."

Please note: while I am NOT an expert on decolonization, I do try to use decolonial praxis in my work.

Past Project: The Data Evaluation and Learning for Viral Epidemics (DELVE) Initiative

The Royal Society's DELVE Initiative was convened in early 2020 to produce rapid research for on emerging issues relate to COVID-19. As a member of the action team, I contributed to work on mask use for the general public in slowing transmission, and the effect of the virus on ethnic minorities in the UK. This research fed directly to SAGE, the UK government's scientific advisory group for emergencies.


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