Lois King, MPH & BSc

PhD Candidate at the University of Edinburgh and Global Health Consultant

The Data Evaluation and Learning for Viral Epidemics (DELVE) Initiative

The Royal Society's DELVE Initiative was convened in early 2020 to produce rapid research for on emerging issues relate to COVID-19. As a member of the action team, I contributed to work on mask use for the general public in slowing transmission, and the effect of the virus on ethnic minorities in the UK. This research fed directly to SAGE, the UK government's scientific advisory group for emergencies. The Royal Society is also the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence.
The Royal Society, London
On 9th November 2023, I was invited to attend the Royal Society for a celebratory dinner to "recognise pandemic contributions", thanks to the work I had done with the DELVE Initiative. Keynote speeches were given by Sir Patrick Vallance and Dame Kate Bingham.

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