Lois King, MPH & BSc

PhD Candidate at the University of Edinburgh and Global Health Consultant

PhD Thesis

My PhD is titled "Governance of childhood pneumonia: assessing the effect of global narratives on national priorities and implementation in Bangladesh". 
I am using a mixed methods approach to observe how global health actors perceive pneumonia’s political prioritisation in the context of social theories of prioritisation and neglect. This will be contrasted with the national reality of pneumonia control in Bangladesh’s health system to draw comparisons on the relationship between these global narratives and the national empirical reality. I am answering three main research questions:  
1. How is childhood pneumonia perceived among global health actors?   
2.  How do Bangladesh's policies enable childhood pneumonia to be addressed within its health system? 
 3. What are the health financing mechanisms for childhood pneumonia in Bangladesh? 
These findings will be combined to see how the global narratives and national implementation interact and what lessons can be learned from Bangladesh's context.

PhD supervisors: Professor Devi Sridhar and Dr. Mark Hellowell. Affiliated with icddr,b in Bangladesh.

 This PhD is funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and match-funded by the University of Edinburgh, as part of NIHR's Global Health Research Unit - RESPIRE - focusing on respiratory health in Asia.
Overview of my research framework
During my postgraduate years, I have attended and given talks at various conferences:
Photo with Sir Michael Marmot after a talk at a public health conference
My poster presentation at the RESPIRE Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 in Edinburgh.

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